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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hand Made Christmas Ornaments 2010

This post is for all the neat and inexpensive Christmas ornaments I made for Christmas 2010

Wall Art

 I should seriously consider keeping track of just how many glue sticks I go through in 1 year. I would like to order them by the case to ensure I always have some handy.  I began toying around with using thin balsa wood to create some modern geometric wall art, then found an awesome tutorial on BBQ skewer star-burst mirrors and got started as soon as I found the time.

I need lightweight wall art. I have several pieces of heavy wrought Iron decorative wall hangings but my goodness they are heavy = I cannot bear making any more holes in my walls due to the wall anchors and plugs and such and have been unable to find large but lightweight and reasonably priced art pieces for my home = so CRAFT!

..... so far

All Halloween Crafts

These photos are all links to the Halloween crafts I have made

please click on the photo and it will take you to the how-to with more photos

more to come.......