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Thursday, October 14, 2010

..... mac tac love!

 Since I end up with a few of these every month, and I really do not believe they are recyclable in my region, I am cleaning them out ( easy-to-do) and covering them with black chalk-bard contact paper from the Dollar-Rama.

 I already have quite a few of these covered in black contact paper and they are making great storage containers...... I must have gone through 3 different types of rubber-maid storage containers for all my crafts. I don't think I will be using chalk to label these, but hope to find some other method of denoting what is in these containers.

I used a black permanent marker to trace the rims of these coffee mate  tins and other objects

 measure twice cut once!

 45 cm x 80 cm for $1.00 ( covers two tins this size )

I'm probably on my 12th roll by now = I love this stuff and have used it to cover a few different things

1 comment:

Laynie said...

I love this... I keep containers like that too and use them for crafty storage, but I generally don't cover them. I'm cheap.

Yours look fab, though!