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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Halloween Wreath

yes I really have that sign on my door...................

I was worried about neighborhood hooligans swiping this, because of Halloween and 'Gate Night' Shenanigans, so I wanted to make a super inexpensive wreath that I would not cry about if someone stole it. I looked at some Halloween wreaths and they were not 'full' enough or were too plain for me. Plus, they were really expensive, $45 bucks for Halloween wreaths?

    Those little pumpkins spun around in the wind, which looked really cool at night. Not bad for $8 bucks. All my supplies, except for the wreath an fabric to cover it & orange and black ribbon, came form the .99 cent store in my town. This was a blast to make I will likely use my 'Goth Lolita' idea next year.

    Google tissue paper flowers, there is a lot of neat ideas out there.... I loved making these.

    Stuff I used  tissue paper, glitter, Punchello, jack O'Lantern garland, copper plastic foliage, orange & black ribbon, I wanted to use a black plastic table cloth instead of the tissue paper for the flowers, but the glitter would not stick to it... they looked cool though.

    I used an old wreath I had laying around.... i picked this up at the grocery store 2 years ago for like 3 bucks. I ripped up 6" wide loooong strips of some  black broad cloth I had laying around, and wrapped this wreath with it, being sure to add some hot glue every so often.

    I used 8" squares and layered 4 to 6 sheets per flower. 

    fold tissue paper into fours - use a cup or other round object to cut a circle shape from the tissue paper
    fold into an accordion = too many folds makes a flower that is too tight and you will tear it trying to unfold it. fold into an accordian and use a twist tie to secure in the middle .This is what it should look like.

    Gentle open the petals & fluff out the flower, being gentle because these rip easily 

    Glitter!!!!!! I had 1 pound of black glitter laying around for a "Very Sad EMO Christmas" that never happened a few years ago. (before I bought that pound of glitter, I had no idea you could by glitter by the pound)

    BELOW; I folded the punchello into a little bundle and stapled it together, I then threaded wire through it to attach to wreath

    Attach Punchello bundles to wreath with wire; That stapler from Walmart sucks soooo bad- DO NOT BUY. This stage this wreath looks really bad, but it turned out okay♥ I am glad I found that punchello, it added alot of dimension and bulk to this little wreath.

    Attach glittery tissue paper flowers, copper foliage things to wreath using wire & hot glue. Be sure to add some wire to attach the wreath to the door or whatever. Add  ribbons & Orange jack O' Lanterns to punchello

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