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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fall-Time Flowers 2009

Here are my Fall 2009 flower arrangements

With exception of the pine-cones...... everything from my local dollar stores.

Firstly I love pipberry's 

I found these at the dollar stores and literally bought them ALL! well, all the green and white ones. I left the pink and baby blue pip berry's for someone else♥. (they were 0.99 CAD each )

I un-wired them from the long thick stem they came attached to and literally inserted them into every floral arrangement in my home last fall, and used them for x-mas decor as well.

Anyhoo- last fall, while looking around for floral decor, I noticed that alot of the arrangements at the stores were very sparse, and -really- fake looking. So i whipped up my own. I hopped over to my local dollar stores and picked up several bunches of flowers as well as some greenery = viola.

 I'll likely change up my 2010 fall floral's, I am really into foliage and texture and contrast lately and not so much into actual flowers. I cannot have enough pine cones around, that's for sure..................

This actually worked out really well............... i had to glue it into the vase, though.

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