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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Summer florals 2010

 ..... yep all from the dollar stores, again. Except for the shiny ficus leaves which I removed from a ficus tree that  I was throwing away. These ficus leaves have come in handy! I painted a few for my X-MAS 2010 and they looked lovely. I removed them from the main branches of a tree and have used them in several ways. They can be purchased at dollar stores on a stem.................. but I happy to recycle♥

This colour scheme is not me.... at all! I actually hate that chartreuse colour, but did not mind it with the greenery, and collected with the browns and white flowers they look alright.

The Gerberra daises, Ivy, and the fake looking (lol) Orchids as well as the succulent looking spike things came from the DollarRama, the white ANEMONE, Chartreuse ANEMONE, Brown Daisies, white lilac looking things, the more realistic Chartreuse Orchids, and white roses came from the Loony Twoons dollar store in my town.

the pine cones are from my mom, and I already had the vases on hand. I hot glues many of these to BBQ skewers to create height - they are peeking out in most photos and I plan to paint them to blend in. I will be doing a very similar floral look this year again. It did brighten up the rooms quite a bit - and I don't despise that glaring yellow/green shade anymore ~ Chartreuse.......

I picked up this tall vase at a thrift store for .25 cents
& painted it black ( poorly lol )

So; that was spring/summer flowers 2010 - I am just whipping up my 2011 summer flowers and will post those...... eventually