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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knife Block Redo

I will never ever again buy anyhting from Faberware.... EVER.

Not because of the Knife Block - but becuase these knives SUCK! I had a few older Faberware knives that were olllllld  as well as some older but awesome knives from other brands - and I refused to part with them. But I thought it was time to move forward and pick up a new knife block. i really do wish I kept my old knifes even though I bought this.

I have had that metal scraper thing 4-evr! I have bought a few new ones and they are not as good as this one.

 And here it is with 2 coats of Black paint. I used a basic black intereier latex paint.....  I still have to get in a do a few touch-ups where the knife holes are. I honestly did not want to put that silver FaberWare metal name plate back on.

 .... a side view.

 This was a really nice paper towel holder that I didnt want to part with, so I painted it black, too. It turned out great. I sanded lightly and gave this three thin coats of the same black interior latex paint.I made sure to give it lots of time to dry.... I think 3 days or so. I sanded lightly and gave this three thinn coats of the same black interior latex paint.


 I removed these things.... whatever they are called
 These little plastic 'feet' did not get put back on.

It turned out perfectly!

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