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Monday, November 1, 2010

Haunted Halloween Mansion

 My Spooky Halloween haunted mansion

 here is a video of the lights flickering.....

= So basically I made this using cardboard that was destined for the recycle bin, I used some kashi bar boxes, a microwave popcorn box and a freeze-zee box. I made this very crudely using glue sticks as this was an experiment for the future of what I hope to be a lightweight spooky Halloween village.

I used some cocktail forks for the embellishments and found some wedding cake decorations for the swirly 'iron-work' on the porch. The windows were made using clear plastic from  an old container that had X-mas ballz in it.

The siding was just a piece of white poster board that I dry brushed with brown craft paint, then cut in strips hap-haphazardly to resemble old crappy siding. The roof shingles was black construction paper that I cut out and layered on top of each other - some areas, I just applied tissue paper over the cardboard and painted it to look old and worn.

Even though this is just an experiment, I still found myself putting alot of love into it, and worrying about details, when I should have been focusing on the engineering, and the ability to dis-assemble this for easy storage.

I LOVE making stuff, and it is actually hard to get rid of this, I thought I would just toss it in the garbage and focus on my real Halloween village, but it's sill around......

Anyhoo- I promise myself that when I get started on my real Halloween village I will take a tonne of photos and post them as soon as I can. I hope to make several half to 1/3 this size, including some 'shops' and other dwelling besides houses.



-the windows & other pieces-

 side profile 11" deep

 window close-up

before I attached the tea-lights to the ceilings and added the grass base, interior curtains and vines.


 right side

 left side

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