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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rag Fabric Flower Ornament - copied from Under the Table and Dreaming

Here is my first handmade ornament for 2010 - I copied this Rag Fabric Flower Ornament from Stephanie-Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming. If you need some inspiration for Christmas ornaments that are simple to make Check out this link here: Under the Table and Dreaming Christmas = She added quite a few easy and simple Christmas ornaments to her blog recently. I plan on making two more from her 4 days of Christmas Ornaments series.

also; I finally figured out what I am supposed to do with these link party things;

OOPS! this link seems to be sending me to an April 2010 post so HERE is the real one:


The only difference between my method and hers is I used hot glue gun glue, not regular white craft glue. I thought I could whip up 8 of these in an hour, but these actually took a long time, and I only made 5. The fist one took almost 25 minutes! { I did stop to take photos but I did not anticipate it taking this long }

I cut my foam balls in half, and inserted a BBQ Skewer into the foam ball for easier handling. I ut ALOT of 2" by 2" pieces of a watery teal fabric and scrunched them up; adding a small blob of hot glue to hold the folded shape, I the applied a dot of hot glue gun glue and pressed the the scrunched fabric to the foam ball, holding in place until the hot glue gun glue was cool. I think I am immune to hot glue gun glue burns, but using a pencil or other blunt thin object to hold the fabric to the foam ball is a good idea.

Side profile

When the half foam ball was covered in fabric, I inserted a small piece of wire into the foam ball and used a piece of ribbon to make the ornament hanger. It's probably smarter to work out your however you plan to hang this before adding the fabric - but everything worked out just fine. I love how this looks, and I loooooove the little bits of frayed fabric peeking out.

Foam balls that I cut in half & fabric squares measuring approximately 2"by 2"

I cut out circles to glue to the back of these rag fabric flower ornaments from shiny silver scrap-booking paper.

 I started gluing around the perimeter, then worked my way towards the center.

1st one!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Love this idea...soooo neat!!!


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Meg said...

I think it turned out beautiful! I love the shiny blue. Good luck with all your other ornaments!