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Saturday, December 4, 2010

2010 handmade x-mas ornaments

w/o the crystal in the center

Here are 3 pretty and inexpensive ornaments that were quick and easy to create. My goal this year is to create a few easy and inexpensive Christmas ornaments. I switched up my colour scheme to colours that I am NOT comfortable with = icy blues and taupe/natural shades.

I am traditional Christmas colour scheme kinda gal, so this is a huge stretch for me. I already have a profane amount of red, gold silver and other traditional X-mas decor items and I didn't want to run out and buy a bunch of stuff so I started to whip up some things in the last 2 weeks.

first up - Silver Glitter Wooden Beads!

 I started with this bag of random wooden beads that I found at my local thrift store in summer time..... it had been sitting at the shop for a few months and I knew I wanted to make something like the above for my X-mas tree.

I hot glue gun glued the beads in similar patterns onto flexible but sturdy garden wire that i purchased at the Dollar-Rama (Canada), making sure to leave enough wire to form a small loop for the hanger. I also added a small closed loop at the bottom to possibly hang some crystals from.

I painted the assembled ornament with a coat of silver craft paint using a foam brush. ( I waited for that to dry overnight because I got lazy and did not feel like being covered in glitter at that moment)

Oh BBQ skewers is there anything you cant do? I slipped BBQ skewers into the hanger loop and 'squished' it so that the ornaments would remain snugly on the wooden skewer as I liberally applied white craft glue and sprinkled glitter over these ornaments.

I used 2 kinds of glitter.... silver flakes and fine silver glitter. My goal was not to cover every single surface of these with glitter, but to have some sparse areas of the silver craft paint showing through...  so that maybe these ornaments were with me for many Christmas's.

 I stuck the drying ornaments into an old flower foam base that I had laying around.  It took about 20 minutes for the glue to dry and I hung them up on my tree right away. ( with regular wire hangers....)

below is one of the larger ones all glittered up and hung on my tree.

and here is one of the smaller ones next to my rag fabric ornamen
Link Here

Fabric Land in my town had a tonne of ribbon on clearance for .13 cents a meter..... so I bought alot! Here is a tassel I made using that ribbon. I used a wooden candle cups that can be found in a bag of 20-ish at Micheal's Craft Stores, I painted them a light blue with craft paint.  I just snipped a bunch of ribbons into strips and glued then to the inside of the candle thingy to make the 'tassel' and then added some fringe fabric trim ( that was also on sale for .50 cents a meter).

I used another piece of ribbon to create the hanger. I only made 3 of these as I only had 3 wooden taper candle holder things. I will whip up a few more when I pick up more of those wooden taper candle things....

these things are called wooden candle cups and are found at Micheal's Crafts

Finally my favirote of the bunch ( so far ) is this ribbon flower I made using .. ribbon. I simply looped the ribbon and glued it together to form a petal, then glued that to HALF of a Styrofoam ball.  this was super- duper easy but time consuming. I popped a movie on and finished 6 of these in 1 hour. I took my sweet, sweet time -  I am already looking forward to making many more of these, with ribbon and next with paper for my tree next year ( with a totally different colour scheme).

When I make more I will add a much better tutorial. But basically I cut a 2" foam ball in half, and then snipped ribbons into 3 different sizes. 2', 3' and 4' I believe. These are lightweight, likely wont get squished when packed away and are sooooooo dainty and pretty!

I found these huge round crystals at Fabric Land in my town ..... they were on clearance for 50 cents for a package of 12.... and regularly $4.49 cad.... when I tried to take photos of these with the crystal glued on it totally ruined the photo... Ill have to take one outside to take a better pic.

and my birds I made in summer-time. I did not add any sequins or other embellishments to these as I think thy are lovely with just the crystal and silver glitter. Here is the post on those♥

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