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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paper X-mas swirly things

These are by far my favirote handmade ornaments that I have made this year. It is a 3/4 inch by 8 inch piece of paper that I folded in half then curled both sides towards the center... I formed and glued the curls in position, then applied glitter to the face and and added black and silver glitter = so simple, so easy

The best part is that the sheet of Tiffany blue card stock/scrapbook paper cost .25Cents! I always have glue sticks and white craft glue on hand, and the black glitter I bought years ago. So to make 16 of these, I only needed 1 sheet of the card stock! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!

These were super fun to make. I could not find silver card stock in my town. All the ladies at the various scrap-book stores in my town say there is no such thing as silver metallic card stock that is shimmery SILVER ON BOTH SIDES. So I will have to look on the internet for some because next year I want to make these in silver and try out a few more different styles Christmas paper ornaments.

However I may purchase some thick card stock and  PAINT IT SILVER with craft paint, that seems to be a more economical and simple solution. I want a shimmery reflective silver, for next year in this design, so I have some time to figure something out ( lol ).

I am linking this to the DIY Showoff,
using tomato cages and pre lit Christmas garlands for a small tree was genius! I am doing this next year!!!!!!!

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anyhoo- here is a few more photos with the same instruction from my last post ( The snowflakes HERE ). I am very pleased with these! I hope to find a few more easy to make and lightweight Christmas ornaments for my  ALL HAND-MADE Christmas tree 2010

it costs .25cents for 16 of these swirly drop things = yippee!

after cutting the card stock, and curling the tow sides towards the center = 28 pieces

Gluing 2 individual curls together

up on my tree

!!! Award Winning Photo !!!


Carey said...

Great idea, love how they came out. The possibilities are endless in the colors and the styles you can make with these, Happy Holidays.

TheCraftInMe said...

These are awesome, thanks for sharing!